• Richie Crowley

Why I Purged My Social Media

I spent the weekend unfollowing profiles on Medium, on Instagram, and on Twitter.

Mobile apps make this process a lot more streamlined than one would think, and the entire process took under an hour.

It also gave me back hundreds of hours in my future.

Let me explain.

When I see an Instagram post from a friend defending why they don’t wear a mask, or a Facebook share in favor of Donald Trump, or a writer wasting words defending the numbing properties of alcohol, I’ll say I don’t care.

But, I care.

I care so much that I’ll let it fester in my mind all day.

It steals hours from me because I can’t get over it.

I can’t let it go.

So, I’m letting them go.

I’m choosing to walk away from what does not serve me.

Some may ask “Well, isn’t that a poor decision to silence opposition?”

A brilliant response.

My answer is no.

See, when it comes to health, I prefer to listen to experts, and when it comes to analyzing the President’s actions, I again leave it to experts.

I’m curious, and to best educate myself I can’t rely on my friend's unqualified social media opinions. The intersection of personal platforms and a pressure to demonstrate digitally has us living on a J-Curve of shitty advice.

I’m walking away from that.

And, I’m walking towards quality.

By purging who I follow on my social media accounts, I’ve created room for what I care about.

On Twitter, it’s trusted news and respected writers, on Instagram it’s family, friends, and artists sharing love and art, and here on Medium it’s investing my member reading time in those who deserve it.

The harder position is keeping those relationships in real life.

As I’ve matured, with me has the value of a social media follow.

If you don’t follow a friend, are they really your friend?

Having just unfollowed friends, I can say with certainty that yes, they are still my friends, and creating this distance has preserved it.

I may have infinite time, energy, and love, so to best respect it, I will no longer invest it in places unworthy of it.

I am curating the best experience for myself.

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