• Richie Crowley

Dear Governor Ivey Of Alabama, I Am Confused

Yesterday you signed into law a bill that became the nation’s most restrictive abortion legislation, (HB314), and I don’t understand why.

I consider myself an educated being, a cultured being. I turned 28 last week, I have 2 degrees from Brown University, I’ve lived abroad, and I’ve visited most of the 50 states, including Alabama, where I had one of the best breakfast bowls in Homewood, but still, I don’t understand why you would do this. I’ve read your statement and listened to Mr. Eric Johnston’s strategy to arrive in the Supreme Court and am aware of the positions that your party has taken on this matter, but, I want to hear from you. I do not dismiss the 25 Senators that voted to pass this bill, or Terri Chambers and Clyde Chambliss for sponsoring this bill, but as the leader, you are to be held responsible. So, please do consider this a direct attack. I don’t mean to be harsh but I do plan on being defiant in this inquisition. I believe that that understanding the opposition is a critical piece of conflict resolution and have attempted to contact you through several channels to no response, so I am taking what I feel is the most public route to a conversation with you. Below you will find several questions that I have for you.

  1. Do you believe that men should have the authority to direct women on what to do with their bodies?

  2. Are you comfortable knowing that you do not support an exemption for victims of rape or incest from this bill?

  3. Are you comfortable knowing that you have subjected all women in the state of Alabama to this law, even if they have not reached the age of majority?

  4. How did you determine that an abortion performed in violation of this act is to be classified as a Class A Felony punishable of up to 99 years in prison?

  5. How did you determine that an abortion attempted under this act is to be classified as a Class C Felony, punishable of up to 10 years?

  6. What do you personally consider a risk to a women’s health that would exempt them from this act?

I may not be a resident of Alabama, but I am a citizen of this country and have fear and disgust at what you are attempting to do nationally. I fear that this behavior will mobilize others to begin believing that men have the authority to tell women what they can and can’t do with her body. I have a fear that this will encourage others to continue to silence women on an intimately personal issue. I fear that these laws will force women into seeking unsafe and dangerous methods of abortion.

Today, this may be Alabama, but Governor Ivey, with your signature, you have declared your intention of making this the United States of America. I hear you believe every life is precious, but I do not believe you.

For years I have considered myself an ally to women and now realize that supporting from the side is not enough. Inspired by their resilience in the pursuit of equality, please now consider me an accomplice, because silence is compliance and I do not dare to be compliant with the behavior of you and your administration.

When you have the courage to address the questions above, I will be here.

Patiently waiting,

Richie. Human.


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