• Richie Crowley

A Masterclass In Strategic Outreach By The Founder of reBLEND

Strategic relationships are loosely mentioned as a strength many people have, but very few can do them right, time and time again.

I received the email on May 12th.

It may have been a mailing that merged in my first name but it was on target. I am a known health and wellness person, a former professional athlete, and the guy who biked across America alone in 2019, so the list sourcing was on target.

The final text of the email read:

I would be happy to send samples so you can be one of the first to try this innovative new product — please let me know the best address : )

Sure, why not.

I responded with my address.

On May 16th, the package came, and inside was a sample of each of reBLEND’s 4 flavors.

There was also a note.

Richie, I hope you are staying safe (and sane) out there! I’m thrilled you are giving reBLEND a go, and I hope they put a positive spin on your day. To best enjoy, freeze for at least 1 hour and thaw for at least 1 minute (for a sorbet-like consistency). Would love to hear your thoughts : ) Feel free to reach back with any and all questions. Best, Kathryn

In a span of 4 days, reBLEND’s founder

  • Sourced an on target list.

  • Sent friendly and effective yet human outreach.

  • Had quick follow-through that then kept the product top of mind, and increased brand equity.

  • Included a rare and appreciated hand-written note

Here’s why this is so effective.

  • The email and note may have taken in total 1 minute to create and send.

  • The cost to send a 4-flavor sample pack, of a product that lists online for $15 probably only costs a third of that, if not less.

But, it’s what I then did.

I’ve shared reBLEND with my three roommates, all of whom have an interest in wellness products, a familiarity with online purchases, and enough disposable income to spend $15 on a new product.

I’ve also shared reBLEND with a plant-based restauranteur who has a podcast and social media following north of 30,000.

And finally, I myself put in an order of my favorite flavor.

Heck, I’m even writing a blog about it that I’ll share across Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, returning more exposure. All of this for a very minimal investment.

Is this scalable?


The most important piece is sourcing the right people to offer “freebies” to, and then following-up on your words in a timely fashion.

That’s how brands get built.

Strategic relationships are loosely mentioned as a strength many people have, but very few can do them right, time and time again.

Do I have a favorite? Yes, but I can’t tell you that — you’ll have to try their sample pack!

Richie. Human.

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