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A 30-Minute At Home Coronavirus Quarantine Workout

I asked 11 leaders from the health and wellness field what their single favorite at-home exercise was. Here’s what they said:

There is an oversaturation of Coronavirus news pieces and I believe it’s imperative we listen only to trusted resources and leaders in the field, not subtweets.

Parsley Health’s Founder and CEO, Robin Berzin, published Chronic Disease, Coronavirus, and Doctor’s Orders for Boosting Your Immunity, which outlines lessons learned from Covid-19 thus far, and individual actions we can take to protect ourselves.

One recommendation is movement. “Any type of exercise is better than nothing at all, but a study found that after three 30 minute sessions a week for 10 weeks of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), white blood cells called neutrophils were better able to fight off pathogens” reported Berzin.

Today, we are more incentivized than ever to stay healthy and invest in our wellness.

I’ve long been a proponent of daily movement and getting outside but now with the closures of gyms nationwide many are being left to activate their bodies in new ways, without instruction. Even as a rejector of gyms, this isn’t an appropriate time for me to stand on that soapbox, it’s time to share exercises people can do at home to stay healthy with movement.

Personally, I have the privilege to own a bicycle and live in a home with a backyard so my recommendations wouldn’t translate well.

To overcome that, I spent the weekend speaking with 11 respected leaders from the health and wellness field and asked them a simple question: What is your single favorite at-home exercise one could do during a Coronavirus Quarantine?

Here are their answers:

Brian Mazza, Founder HPLT Training: Push-Up Burpee’s

From a standing position, hop down to high plank, perform one full push-up, hop your feet to your hands, then perform a full squat jump. When you land from the squat jump, repeat from the beginning.

Pat McAuley, Founder EatGreenMakeGreen & ReWild: Plank Walks

Begin in high plank, walk your hands and feet sideways 5 feet in the same direction. Once you’ve arrived at your new location, either drop to your elbows then push back up to high plank, or perform a full push-up. Once you’ve completed your movement, repeat the action and walk back 5 feet. Repeat moving back and forth, side to side.

Tara Stiles, Founder Strala Yoga: Easy Back Release

From a plank, lower your knees down, bend your elbows and drop your hips a bit gently side to side, toward the ground. Lower your body as much as feels good for you. Let yourself linger in any places that could use some extra attention. Now, keeping your knees on the ground, bring your hips to your heels and sit up for a bit. Close your eyes and watch your breath life and soften. Hang here for a few breaths and when you are ready, open your eyes.

Bryan Doo, Personal Strength Coach to NBA Players: Plank On Stairs

Begin with your feet grounded at the base of your staircase and your hands on the 3rd step. Walk your hands from the 3rd step to the 4th step. Depending on how tall and strong you are, you can walk further, or even start at a lower stair to make it more intense.

Jason Wachob, Founder & CEO of MindBodyGreen: Breathwork

Inhale for 2 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds and repeat three to five times. When you do this you activate your parasympathetic nervous system which controls your relaxation response and has all sorts of health benefits. It immediately helps take the edge off.

Todd McCullogh, Founder TMac Fitness: Burpee Jump Over

From standing position, hop down to high plank, perform one full push-up, hop your feet to your hands, then perform a lateral jump (either side). When you land from your lateral jump, repeat the exercise and lateral jump back to your starting location and continue the exercise.

Sadie Kurzban, Founder & CEO of 305 Fitness: Star Jumps

Stand with your feet together, ankles and knees touching and arms by your side. Jump up, spreading your arms and legs wide into an ‘X’ shape. Land softly and jump back up and out again. Continue for the duration of set time.

Bill Shufelt, Founder Athletic Brewing: Switch Lunge Jumps

From standing position, move one leg forward and bend to a 90-degree angle. You are now in the lunge position. From here, jump into the air, and switch your leg position so that you land with your other leg, which was previously behind, in the forward lunge position. Repeat.

Jarred Smith, Co-Founder NOOMA: Hand Release Push-Ups

From high plank (push-up position), begin your push-up by releasing toward the ground. When arriving at the bottom of your push-up, release to the ground and remove your hands from the surface to float freely for one second. Return your hands to the surface, and push back up, keeping your posture, into high-plank. Repeat.

Sophie Hawley-Weld, SOFI TUKKER: Skater hops

Standing on one leg, bend at the knee to 45 degrees, then hop laterally to your other foot/leg and stick the landing. Then once stable, hop back. Continue hopping back and forth with controlled movements.

Brian Von Ancken, Founder of ANCKOR Program: Mini Squats

Sink down into a squat. Once at 90 degrees, move up and down 1 inch for the full 30 seconds while closing your eyes and connecting to the prompt of what you are grateful for.

A great way to implement these exercises would be with a High-Intensity Interval Training circuit.

Here is my suggestion:

Complete each of the following exercises for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise in the list. After you’ve completed each of these exercises once, perform breathwork. Repeat this circuit 3x. This will take 31 minutes and 30 seconds in total.

  1. Burpee Jump Over

  2. Star Jumps

  3. Switch Lunge Jumps

  4. Skater Hops

  5. Mini Squats

  6. Plank On Stairs

  7. Easy Back Release

  8. Push-up Burpee

  9. Plank Walks

  10. Hand Release Push-ups

  11. Breathwork

This may be new to some of you, so please adjust the intensity as you see fit. You know your body best.

For those looking for some company during this 31-minute workout, I’ve put together a playlist of music you can shuffle.

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