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Artificial Intelligence

I'm eager to learn how AI can  positively affect the lives of those around me and improve my own work. Also interested in tracking it from this stage in development to remain aware of the dangers and biases, and advocate for advancements, so we can all use it responsibly.

Playing with: Jasper, Peppertype, Magic Story, LEX, Consesnsus, DALL-E, Midjourney, Chat GPT, Lexica 

*All graphics on this website were made with AI

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Future of Living (& dying)

Questions I ask myself include "How we will live with growing populations?", "What is the ideal urban design for 2050?" "Are EV's the answer or are e-Bikes and public transit?", "How will we all age with grace and care?", "What alternatives to cemeteries are there?"


Following: VanMoof, Culdesac, Transcend Trees, Blue Zones Kitchen

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As a writer, it would be expected of me to resist video. But, it's where attention is. Nevermind long form content, even short form written content is consumed less. Attention has shifted and I plan to react accordingly, starting with shorts, with an eventual move into scripts.

Playing With: RUSH, Adobe Premier, Elai, Wisecut

I document my pursuit of these curiosities in In Public. My publishing commitment is to respect your inboxand only press send when the contents are a F*ck yes. Subscribe to receive all future creations.

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